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Top 10 Reasons to LOVE this Condo

1.  You can walk to the subway (not a 20 minute walk, a 5 minute walk). 

2.  You can run over to Yorkdale Mall.  You sure as hell won’t find parking there.

3.  It’s got a 200 sq ft terrace.  That will fit YOU, a barbecue and 149 of your friends.

4.  You can run a business out of it (it is zoned for live/work).

5.  You can run out the front door or the back door (you have parking, so you can come in through the building, or if you are taking the subway, come in from the terrace).

6.  The kitchen: quartz counters, under-mounted sink, 9’ smooth ceilings and stainless steel appliances. 

7.  Want to drive to the airport, the DVP or Windsor?  You are super close to the 401.  

8.  A pool.  It has a pool.  Not one of those crappy little pools, I mean a proper pool.  With a hot tub. 

9.  Bright, West facing exposure.  Everyone talks about morning sun, but what good is that?  Get home, pour a glass of wine and soak in the sunshine at your leisure! 

10.  Back to the walking; you are 8 minutes away from getting your favourite bottle of wine from the LCBO on Wilson Ave.

You can see more of this condo here:

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