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“…his knowledge and professionalism were top-notch.” — Bob Chan

​”After over a year spent trying to find a home on my own, I learned that looking at MLS and checking out open houses is nothing compared to actually trying to get a deal worked out. Whether it be negotiation tactics, wading through legal jargon or even having access to information about sales history in the area you’re looking at, you need a professional to help you out. I learned that during the time it takes to work out a deal with the sellers, their agent, their lawyer, your bank/lend, your lawyer, etc., buying a property is literally a full time job. I’m really happy that Dan managed to do for me what I couldn’t do myself: find me a home in a great neighbourhood and painstakingly walk me through the process of taking possession of it. Weekends, long weekends and late nights weren’t a problem with Dan, and his knowledge and professionalism were top-notch. I’d recommend his services to anyone in a heartbeat. Thanks Dan.”​ – Bob Chan

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