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“We especially appreciate his never “shoot from the hip” approach…” – Frank and Mary

“We had a great experience with Dan.  He patiently showed us several properties, pointed out all the things we should look out for and take into consideration at each property and really took care of us.  We especially appreciate his never “shoot from the hip” approach, preferring to ground his winning price predictions on solid data for properties we planned to bid on.  We kid you not, the actual selling price of these properties was within 0.5% of his prediction.  It was very impressive, and it gave us a lot of confidence and trust.  He’s also very ethical, and will not engage in the kinds of sleazy tactics typical of other agents in the Toronto real estate market.  In the end, we found a great home and are enjoying the new found freedoms of home ownership.  Coming from a condo, the extra space and knowledge of there being no condo rules to worry about is very liberating.  We highly recommend Dan to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a property!  Thank you Dan for all your help!”