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“Dan Balm is a trusted choice for your real estate needs” – Candice and Jason

As realtors, it is highly recommended that we do not represent ourselves in the sale of our own homes.  Mainly because we lack the perspective required as we are emotionally tied to the outcome.

We have known Dan for several years. He’s not only a great friend of ours, but someone we would trust with our lives as well as our investments.  We knew that Dan was a skilled realtor, and seeing him in action from the perspective of clients was an eye-opening experience for which we are grateful.

He is a true professional.  His ability to negotiate with grace to create an outcome that is favorable for both parties is something that other realtors can learn from.  His quality of client care and negotiation skills goes above and beyond the typical service from a realtor and should be taught to all that are entering the industry.

If you are looking to make a move, Dan Balm is a trusted choice for your real estate needs.  He will always go above and beyond.  We will always be friends, and will ask Dan to continue to be our realtor for life!

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